Carry Pouch


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Carry Pouch on strap of left shoulder

People often ask what I use to carry my receiver with. It varies. On my long distance pack there is a web strap running across the top of the pack strap. For that pack I use the garmin carrying case with the clip on the back for my eTrex, or magellans Sportrak carrying case for my Sportrak. The etrex I simply clip it to the strap with the antenna facing outwards and up. The sportrak gets clipped to the ring on the strap which positions the antenna above my shoulder and more or less vertical. For day hikes I generally either use a camelbak mule, or camelbak rim runner pack. For these packs I use a camelbak CommPocket pictured above. It's a small nylon pouch with a velcro flap to keep things inside, and two velcro straps to attack to your pack strap with. I picked mine up at REI sporting goods for about $9.00USD. You can check it out under accessories at I've found it keeps my receiver reasonably horizontal and works about as well as any other carry method I could come up with. The velcro straps make it versatile enough that you should be able to attach it to about any pack.